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Weinberg Magazine, Fall/Winter 2016

Sir Fraser Stoddart

A Bridge to the Invisible

When professor and Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart sought a visual language to express his groundbreaking ideas in nanoscience, he turned to art, design, architecture and fashion for inspiration.

Michelangelo art

The Data Renaissance

New worlds are opening in the humanities and social sciences, thanks to the  tools of data science.

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Frog recipe

Life and Death Inside the Kitchen

Age-old recipes reveal gruesome butchery, life-saving concoctions and a sly sense of humor. Could they also illuminate values much like the ones we hold today?
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Students experimenting

Things That Go Boo!M

What do you get when you mix spouting flames, exploding balloons, the Northwestern fight song, tap dancers, gummy bears and a collection of ambitious scientists?
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Students outside

Who is the Class of 2020?

It’s the most selective and diverse class in Northwestern’s history. Of the more than 35,000 applications received last year, the Office of Admissions accepted just 10 percent.
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WeINBERG LENS: Athletic Atlas

“Jim” has stood guard outside Patten Gymnasium for 100 years, all eight feet of his swaggering musculature in bronze, holding his winged helmet like a trophy.

Letter From the Dean

Sir Fraser Stoddart's emphasis on fundamental science and diversity mark the Weinberg College professor's Nobel Prize as a particular noble one.

College Passes $250 Million Campaign Milestone

Thanks to the generosity of more than 10,000 supporters, the College passed the $250 million mark in We Will, The Campaign for Northwestern. 

On Campus

Read the latest news from the College.

Q&A: Gideon Goldberg '17 and Mackenzie EiseN '18

Each week, the co-chairs of the Undergraduate Philosophy Society gather with a dozen or so other students at an Evanston pub and discuss the world.

Growing the Ranks of Women in Math

The GROW conference, an upstart effort driven by mathematics professor Bryna Kra, inspires undergraduate women to pursue graduate work in math.

One Degree, Many Paths

The econ major heads to Wall Street. The political science major lands in Washington, D.C. The English major becomes a … cardiovas­cular pediatric surgeon?

Paths: WHAT DID YOU DO WITH Your Arts and Sciences DegreE?

Alumni profiled in this issue: clean tech entrepreneur Samir Mayekar '06, author Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve '99 and sports broadcaster Dave Revsine '91.

Interior View: the Reinvention of Kresge Hall

A sweeping renovation brings 62-year-old Kresge Centennial Hall fully into the 21st century.


Students and faculty members describe what they find funny.

Back talk

Tweets, retweets, likes and favorites: Weinberg readers take to social media to share their reactions to the Spring/Summer 2016 issue.

Breakthrough: Post-Game Politics

What most influences voters’ opinions? Political scientist James Druckman offers an unexpected take on the question that every candidate seeks to answer.

About the Magazine

Weinberg magazine is published twice a year for alumni, parents and friends of the Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University. Weinberg magazine welcomes letters to the editor. 

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