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Weinberg Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015


Thought Experiments: What Happens When a Humanist and a Neuroscientist Find Common Ground?

If you didn’t know them, you might assume they had little in common. 

Indira Raman is a neuroscientist. She studies the “Morse code” of the mind: the electrical and chemical signals that brain cells create to encode and transmit information.

Susie Phillips is a medievalist, fluent in the language of Chaucer and Shakespeare. She is fascinated by the history of books and the ways that “mischievous talk” shaped the social world in medieval and early modern England.

In a parallel universe, the two might never have met. They might have remained deep within their realms, Raman in her laboratory and Phillips with her texts, never guessing at the surprising ways their disciplines intersect and overlap. 

But in this world, they did. And they haven’t stopped talking, teaching and exploring together since.

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Sleeping drawing

While You Were Sleeping

Sleep, Weinberg College researchers say, is far from a passive state. It can be a prime time to improve skills, solve problems, activate memories and reduce biases.
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Dean Randolph

Letter From the Dean: An Interdisciplinary Spirit

I am often asked: What is the importance of an arts and sciences education in the 21st century?
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Activist shouting

Examination of an Error

A misidentification on the cover of Weinberg magazine spurs a closer look at the phenomenon of race-memory bias.
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Wildcat Welcome

A Wildcat Welcome

Weinberg College’s Class of 2019 and transfer students gathered under a brilliant blue sky Sept. 16 for Fall 2015 Convocation.
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Grants Fund Summer Internships

Summer internship grants make extraordinary opportunities available to students.

Art in Istanbul

Students in the Kaplan Institute’s Global Humanities Lab explore the intersection of art and culture at the 2015 Istanbul Biennial

Q&A: Psychology Major Stephen Antonoplis '16

Stephen Antonoplis suspects that the way you use Facebook is closely related to the way you see yourself.

New Neuroscience Major Debuts

Northwestern students who seek to understand the inner workings of the brain now have a dedicated path to do so: the College’s new major in neuroscience.

Interior View: The Shakespeare Garden

Tucked between Tech and the Garrett Theological Seminary, the Shakespeare Garden is a place of repose on a busy college campus, a sanctuary so tranquil one might hear a leaf drop.

What Is Influence, and How Do You Measure It?

With the rise of social media, everyone - from companies and brands to individuals - wants to be "influential."

Paths: Your Arts and Sciences Degree

Rebecca Kimitch ’98 pursued a career in journalism and won a Pulitzer Prize. Paul Checchia ’89 applies lessons from literature to his work in pediatric medicine. Paula Pretlow ’77 became an advocate for education and a leader in investment management.

Back Talk

The Weinberg magazine article “Flashback: 1970” (Spring/Summer 2015) inspired a number of readers to share their reflections on that period. Here are a few of their comments.

The Moment Aging Begins

Research led by molecular bioscientist Richard I. Morimoto suggests that on a molecular level, aging begins rather suddenly — right about the time we reach reproductive maturity.

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