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“Do Less Planning and More Living” 

Author Daniel Pink ’86 encourages the Class of 2014 to stay open to new opportunities throughout their lives. 

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An Ocean Within the Earth 

Geophysicist Steven Jacobsen finds new evidence for vast amounts of water deep below the Earth’s crust. 

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White House Honors Professor 

President Barack Obama bestows the National Humanities Medal on African American Studies Professor Darlene Clark Hine

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Student Circles the Globe

A $9,000 Circumnavigators Travel-Study grant enabled Elizabeth Larsen ’15 to research childhood malnutrition in eight countries. 

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The Trauma of Parenthood

The distress many new parents feel is driven by the “objectively bleak circumstances” they often face, Professor Eli Finkel says. 

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Chemists Gain Control Over Molecular Tumbling 

A new laser technique could lead to the development of extremely fast computers, Northwestern researchers say.

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Why We Look The Way We Do Now

Historian Deborah Cohen traces the roots of modern style back to the “elegantly simple” lines of the 1930s. 

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“Purple Pricing” 

A pricing tactic developed by economists Jeffrey Ely and Sandeep Baliga could revolutionize how tickets are sold at sporting events.

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New Way to Cope with Memory Loss

Mindfulness training can offer a new lease on life for the memory-impaired and those who care for them, Professor Ken Paller finds.

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The Golden Age Shtetl

Professor Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern offers a new history of pre-World-War-II Jewish life and culture in eastern Europe.

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A Shift in the Abortion Debate

Research by sociologists J. Alex Kevern and Jeremy Freese suggests that big pro-life families are influencing public opinion on abortion.

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Finding Vivian Meier?

The popular narrative about the newly discovered photographer is filled with “secrecy and deception,” artist Pamela Bannos says. 

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Faculty Join American Academy of Arts & Sciences 

Weinberg professors Edward Muir, Amy Rosenzweig, Richard Silverman and Timothy Earle are elected to the prestigious society. 

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New Cancer Biomarker Discovered 

Molecular biologists Curt Horvath and Robert Tell identify a new target for therapeutics to treat a highly aggressive form of breast cancer. 

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The “Economic Odd Couple”

The Wall Street Journal highlights the sharply opposing views of economists Robert Gordon and Joel Mokyr.

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