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Weinberg Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014

Quarter life crisis

Surviving the Quarter-Life Crisis

The 20-something years can be a time of uncertainty for many young people. But by the end of the decade, many graduates find they are better off for the struggle.

Interim Dean Mark Ratner

A College at the Crossroads

Transitions are by definition trans-formative events. For individuals and institutions alike, they represent an evolution from what has been to what might be, from a past full of success and accomplishment to a future rich with exciting new possibilities.
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Democracy van

Does Democracy Still Work?

In a provocative new study, two political scientists document the influence of the “economic elite” on policy-making in America. What are the implications for the future of democracy?
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Posner Fellowships Open Doors

Victoria Dubose-Briski ’15 was only a few months into her first-year when she realized she wanted to do research at Northwestern. But the first-generation college student wasn’t sure how or where to begin.
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Tech bas-relief

Tech's Wall of Fame

This bas-relief is one of dozens of images designed for the exterior of Northwestern’s Technological Institute by New Deal artist Edgar Miller (1899–1993).
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Career Trekking

Alumni illuminate career opportunities in government, media and business.

On Campus

Keep up on what's been happening at Northwestern.

Riding the Vomit Comet

A team of Northwestern students underwent the ultimate roller-coaster experience when they flew aboard NASA’s famed “Vomit Comet."

Q&A: Jasmine Stephens

Jasmine Stephens found that messages designed to improve women’s body image often produce the opposite effect.

The Iliad By Moonlight

Scores brave a chilly evening for a “Homer-athon” by the lake.

Where did they go and what did they do?

Here’s what the office of Northwestern Career Advancement found when it surveyed the Class of 2013 six months after graduation.

Interior View: University Hall

The oldest and most iconic of Northwestern’s buildings, University Hall is replete with history.

Which Book Changed Your Life?

Alumni and faculty describe the books that changed their lives.

Paths: Your Arts and Science Degree

The paths that Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences graduates take through life are varied and often unexpected.

You Are What Your Grandmother Ate

If you’re overweight, your ancestors may be to blame.

Revealing Our Past

Some 12,000 years ago, a young woman we now call “Naia” wandered into a cave on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, likely in search of water.

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Weinberg magazine is published twice a year for alumni, parents and friends of the Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University.

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