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What Did You Do With Your Arts and Sciences Degree?

Where did your degree lead you?

The paths that Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences graduates take through life are varied and often unexpected. Where did your degree lead you? Was it a destination you sought intentionally, or did you set out without knowing precisely where you would end up? 

Perhaps you took a class as an undergraduate that illuminated an interest that then grew into a passion. Maybe an internship led to job that turned into a career. Or perhaps you started down one path, turned around and then decided to try another. 

In the Fall 2013 issue of Weinberg magazine, physician Charles Modlin '83, Internet entrepreneur Aashish Dalal '99 and author Karen Russell '03 shared some of the twists and turns their lives took after they graduated from Weinberg College.

Charles ModlinCharles Modlin '83

"You know, nobody cares about black men." It's a statement Charles Modlin '83 never forgot, coming from his hard-working African-American father.

Karen RussellKaren Russell '03

Those familiar with Karen Russell’s tales and tomes might not be surprised that she refers to her time at Northwestern in terms that are, well, otherworldly.

Aashish DalalAashish Dalal '99

Until he got to college, Aashish Dalal '99 wanted to be a doctor like his mother.

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