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Northwestern University

Spring/Summer 2012

From the Dean

I find myself thinking of our alumni even more than usual as the academic year draws to a close in my fourth year as dean of Weinberg.

Say What? Gossip Isn't Idle After All

Once confined to celebrity TV shows, salacious websites, and supermarket tabloids, commentary on gossip and reputation has entered the realm of thought-provoking scholarship in the last several years. 

Symposium Celebrates Jonathan Widom's Love of Life and Science

Nearly 200 participants came from around the world to celebrate Widom’s profound scientific contributions to chromatin biology.

How I Came to Cover the 'Beat of the Future'

I ended up as a journalist based in Paris by watching too many episodes of "House, M.D." While that might seem like an exaggeration, it’s not that far from the truth.

Art on Ice

The directions for the artwork were simple: “Using ice blocks, build two cubic structures that measure 10 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 8 feet high. Their walls are unbroken. They are left to melt.” And melt they did. 

Alternative Energies on the Horizon

Imagine the perfect electric car: energy efficient, gasoline-free, and powered by a device that is no larger than a lighter. How are these wonder cars feasible?

Weinberg Athletes Balance Big Ten Competition with Academic Rigor

The weekday schedule of a Weinberg student-athlete goes something like this: Get up at dawn for early morning practice, eat a quick breakfast, run to classes, grab lunch somewhere along the way, head back to afternoon practice, eat dinner, do homework, fall asleep.

Extraordinary Discoveries Honored

National Geographic featured chemists Chad Mirkin and Mark Ratner in a special issue titled "100 Scientific Discoveries That Changed the World".

France Awards Walter Barthold, Jr., '48 Its Highest Recognition for Service in World War II

Like so many college students of his generation, Walter Barthold ’48 went from studying history to living history during the tumultuous years of World War II. 

Development: Engaging Alumni, Opening Doors to Careers

With the January 2012 launch of Weinberg’s Alumni-Student Career Mentoring Program, students now have another resource as they seek to land a job after graduation.

IPD Urges Students to Hit the Road

If Devora Grynspan could wave a magic wand and change anything about Northwestern, she would make sure all students seized the opportunity to explore their interests internationally.

Applications Hit New High

For the ninth year in a row, Northwestern applications have reached a new high: 32,000 to the University and 20,520 for a spot in Weinberg.

Classrooms with Big Shoulders Photo Gallery

A photo gallery of Northwestern students and the city of Chicago. Photographers courtesy of FJ Gaylor, Chris Handzlik, Kisa Kowal, Thomas Lee, Edward Mallon, and Sally Ryan.

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