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The Seventh Annual Weinberg College Career Summit Was Held Virtually on September 18th, 2023

Multiple industry focused alumni panels featuring the career exploration process geared towards sophomores, juniors, and interested seniors.

Generously sponsored by the Austin J. Waldron Student-Alumni Connections Program

This year, the annual Career Summit was a day-long conference held virtually via Zoom and in person at Guild Lounge. The event featured  in person presentations, workshops, and a networking lunch, and multiple virtual industry focused panels with alumni. The program emphasized the career exploration process so it was geared towards sophomores, juniors, and interested seniors.

Industry Focused Alumni Panels

Students could choose 1 alumni panel to attend at each time slot



Below are recordings of each of the Alumni Panels and the alumni who participated in them. Unfortunately, technical issues prevented us from complete recordings of a few of the sessions. Because of this, a few panels are missing introductions from the alumni speakers. You can find more details about the speakers of each panel below the video.

Arts & Media



Research & Education

Communications & Marketing



Startups & Entrepreneurship

Big Data


Energy & Sustainability

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