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Waldron Career Conversation with Austin Waldron '78: Retired Senior Vice President of Operations at Health Care Services Corporation, Parent Company of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Austin Waldron graduated from Weinberg College in 1978 with a major in psychology. He had originally planned to become a doctor but after a quarter of organic chemistry he sought out other options within the medical field. He had a long and successful career in operations at Health Care Services Corporation before recently retiring. Austin hopes today’s Weinberg College students realize that they too can pursue many paths, regardless of their major or even with a major change part of the way through their Northwestern career. This is one of the reasons why he initially invested and ultimately made a philanthropic gift to name the Waldron Student-Alumni Connections Program. He is thrilled that this is a resource where students can engage with, and hear from, alumni in a wide variety of industries, that were once, where the students stand today. In this episode, we talk about how Austin’s arts and science background helped him move up from where he started in customer service to be a Senior Vice President by the time he retired.

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