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Fall 2021 TLT Weinberg Focus

"[W]hat we have learned over the past difficult year could propel us forward as teachers, as scholars, and as administrators. It would not just be a wasted opportunity to return to business as usual; it would be an injustice."

technology and student engagement in post-remote teaching

Now that we are coming out the other side of our great shift to remote learning, we want to help you think about how to bring the technology innovations from your remote teaching back into your in-person classrooms. We are Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) and we're here to help you with your teaching-related tech and course design questions. A division of Northwestern IT, TLT supports faculty and instructors of all kinds at the university in the utilization of learning technologies and pedagogical practice. We continue to look for ways to strengthen our partnership with Weinberg College and are excited to collaborate on these new pages with Weinberg College IT Solutions (WITS) and the Media and Design Studio (MADS).

In an effort to ensure that Weinberg instructors feel supported and ready for the upcoming year of teaching, we are presenting topical information designed specifically for Weinberg College faculty each quarter this year. To start our new Weinberg College-focused series, we'll be looking at questions of technology and student engagement in post-remote teaching.

Perhaps you found a new teaching technology tool that you want to keep using. Maybe you appreciated the Zoom chat and want to recreate that digital communication channel in your analog classroom. You might be rethinking your syllabus guidance around student tech in the classroom or trying to decide what to do about class recordings. The right answer won't be the same for all instructors, so we plan to present food for thought on these topics and our team stands ready to help you make decisions and implement them.

Additionally, we offer the following resources for instructors:

Later in the academic year, we'll discuss student feedback about their use of Canvas to help you utilize it in the ways that students find most beneficial.

Request Help

If you have specific questions as you get ready for your Fall quarter course(s), please feel free to contact TLT to request a consultation or ask a question.


If you are eager to read more about the topic of student engagement in a post-pandemic classroom, the following articles provide thoughtful insights: 

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