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Guide to Processes and Systems for Departments

Use this page as a launching point when working on a particular task or process for the College or department. This page should also help provide an overview with the typical responsibilities for department administrators and/or chairs. For questions about this calendar or for support, please contact: ...


Fall Quarter

Staff Award Nominations

Typical deadline: September 15

Dean's Office Area and Point of Contact: Staff Advisory Board,


Proposals for Short-Term Faculty Appointments

Typical deadline: October 1

Dean's Office Area and Point of Contact: Faculty Affairs, Tammy Rosner


Tenure Dossiers

Teaching-Track Faculty to be Reviewed for Promotion

Winter Quarter

Basic information about sprint quarter first-year seminars occurring in spring quarter

Departmental honors coordinators

Spring Quarter

Academic-oriented University deadlines

Proposed Teaching Resources plans for next academic year

Summer Quarter


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