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Remote Tool Tip #7: Ergonomics at Home

Ergonomically Rethink Your Home Office

You sit on an armchair in the corner of your bedroom with a small tray or end table for your computer; you spread out on the sofa with your laptop actually on top of your lap; you perch on a stool at a kitchen counter hunched over your screen; you sit on a hard wooden chair, with your laptop slightly too high on the kitchen table, as your kids rush through their e-learning... 

Who has a proper “work station” at home? Probably no one. 

How Do You IMPROVE Your New Remote “Work Station”? 
  1. Review Northwestern’s Office of Risk Management's three-page overview for Transitioning to Virtual/Home-Based Work
  2. Walk through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) checklist and self-evaluation of your home work station.
  3. Calculate actual measurements correlated to your own height via a vendor’s “Workspace Planner” and “Ergonomic Desk Height Calculator.” (No purchase necessary!)
  4. Read LifeHacker’s thoughtful, bulleted lists of action items containing recommendations for your chair, posture, mouse/keyboard placement and so on. 
How Do You Make Do with What You Have? 

If you reviewed any content from the links above, you may have scoffed at the OSHA recommendation to have a chair with a sturdy five-leg base. They might as well have recommended a unicorn. (That said, many of the rest of their recommendations are not analogous to unicorns, so take a look.) 

Look for These DIY Options at Home 
Desk/Work Station 
 Other tips? 

Tool Tip #8: Microsoft Bookings

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