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Tool Tip #3: Using Your University Phone at Home

To receive calls made to your University phone number, you have two options:

  1. Forward your calls by logging into
  2. Install the Cisco Jabber app on your (a) smart phone and/or (b) on your PC or Mac.
Option 1: Call Forwarding of your University phone

Enable call forwarding by logging on with your NetID and password via

Use the NUIT Knowledge Base article on “Managing call forwarding on your office phone” to get started. While the linked instructions indicate that a “9” and “1” should precede a non-847 number, we found that NOT including a “9” or “1” worked best.

image of call forwarding setup

Option 2a: Cisco Jabber app on your smart phone
Why choose the Cisco Jabber app?

The Cisco Jabber app is a digital copy of your Northwestern office phone. You can use the app both to receive and to make calls as if you were using your office phone. Anyone you call from within the Jabber app will see your office number and not your personal cell number.

Furthermore, if both users are on Jabber, the audio quality should be better as compared to standard phones. Certainly, any audio quality also depends on the microphone and speaker quality of your personal phone or headset.

How do I install the Cisco Jabber app on my smart phone?

Follow the instructions specific to your platform:

Is VPN required to use Cisco Jabber on my smart phone?

The short answer is no, but if you are having issues connecting in your Cisco Jabber app, an excellent solution is to use VPN on your smartphone:

NUIT recently increased the capacity to service off-campus Jabber connections, so it is likely you will not need to use VPN.

Option 2b: Cisco Jabber app on your PC or Mac

The Cisco Jabber app already may have been installed on your machine. If you need to install and set it up yourself, follow the instructions specific to your platform:

Once the app is installed on your PC or Mac, use the following guide specific to your platform:

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