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Tool Tips: SharePoint and OneDrive

The University is migrating from Box to OneDrive and SharePoint in the 2021-2022 academic year. Try out some of these useful tool tips, written by Weinberg College IT Solutions (WITS) staff, to help you use the Microsoft cloud-based tools more effectively. We will be adding more tips soonso stay tuned!


Tip #1: Access Shared Folders in Your Local Files

Add shortcuts to an entire document library, to a colleague's shared folder from OneDrive, or to a SharePoint folder.
Add a shortcut to shared files

Tip #2: Two WITS Webinars about the Box Migration

Learn more from Senior Director Michael Satut, Lead Business Analyst Jennifer Bivens, and System Administrator Alex Ruiz.
Access Webinar from 12-16-2021

Tip #3: Move Files Between OneDrive and SharePoint

After your files migrate, you may want to reorganize. Move files from your OneDrive to a department SharePoint site--or move files from a more secure site to a more open site.

Best Practices for File Moves
onedrive cloud icon, blue

Tip #4: Report on OneDrive and SharePoint sharing

Audit your personal and departmental sharing by running reports in your OneDrive and in sites you own. Pay particular attention to files "Shared With Everyone."
Report on your sharing
cartoon image of files

Tip #5: Manage SharePoint Document Libraries

If you are a former SAFER steward, you are the "owner" of a document library within a SharePoint site. Learn how to manage unique permissions for your document library.
Manage Doc Library Permissions
image of guy with magnifier

Tip #6: Use Search Effectively Via OneDrive Home

Discover the many ways to search your SharePoint and OneDrive content directly from your OneDrive landing page. Learn about filters and see how to find what you shared, too.
Improve Your Search Skills
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