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Northwestern University

Data and File Storage

Data Storage in Sharepoint and onedrive

Northwestern has transitioned from Box to Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint. Box is no longer available as University data storage.

Data Backup with CrashPlan

Weinberg IT recommends the use of Code42 (formerly CrashPlan PRO) to provide automated backups of your computer. CrashPlan PRO is available for recently imaged Macs, PCs, and some Linux and Solaris installations, as well as the computers that have gone through our Computer Management process.

Backup REcommendations

For work-related data that is not backed up via Code42, Northwestern University offers Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint as an alternative. If you keep all of your data in OneDrive or SharePoint, your data is automatically backed up.

Any easily recreated or restored data should not be backed up. Do not back up your operating system files or your applications/program files.

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