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Getting Started with Bookings

Get License(s) 

Follow NUIT's Quick Reference Guide for Faculty and Staff to learn how to log in (the service is not available to Feinberg School of Medicine staff and faculty.). If you do NOT already have administrative access to MS Bookings, consider the following:

View NUIT's KnowledgeBase article about Bookings to consider important settings, such as removing pricing from your Bookings page.

Set-Up as an Individual or a Department

It is possible to set up Bookings for either an individual or an entire department. There are two ways to set up Bookings:

  1. Each faculty or staff member has their own separate Bookings system (and so each user must request a license); OR
  2. A department administrator manages a single Bookings system with all department faculty and staff calendars visible together. 

Individual users in scenario A all have different calendars that cannot be viewed collectively.  In scenario B, only the department admin must request a license.  The department can use a department email address as the account holder that is managed by multiple admins.  One or more admins can view all the calendars of staff and faculty in the department.  

Benefits of setting up Bookings as a Department include:

For more details about recommended settings when managing a department at Northwestern, consult the information in Department Setup.

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