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Set Up a Department

There main topics to know for setting up a department are:

The "Booking Page" and Managing Bookings as a University Department

This collection of settings, accessible via the left menu in Bookings, is your departments's default settings. 

"Staff" Options in a Setup

Use this option in the left menu to "Add Staff" via the button at the top of your window or select the pencil icon next to a staff member's name. After selecting or adding staff, you see the staff details page.

"Services" Options in a Setup

Services, such as “Study Abroad Advising,” “Language Placement Testing,” “Major Advising,” or “Petition to Graduate," can be created as topics for student-faculty appointments. Tthese topics can have standard durations ranging from 15-60 minutes, based on topic. 

Select “Add Service” at the top of your window or select the pencil icon next to a service’s name to modify its details.

Publishing Bookings to Students

Send students the Bookings links either:

The Bookings Page provides a menu of all that the department offers for advising. However, when there are many services, the Bookings Page can be difficult to navigate.  Instead, we recommend that the links to individual services be made available on the Department’s web site in sections devoted to advising or near the faculty’s individual directory listings.  Bbuttons can be added (named “schedule,” for example) that can link out to MS Bookings scheduling pages for individual services.  These buttons can be added, via the Cascade content management system (CMS), to the Department’s website.
Bookings page screenshot
 Sample published, and simple, version of the MS Bookings "Bookings Page."

We recommend using the Department’s website as the vehicle for communicating to students that they are to schedule advising via Bookings so that students will be driven to read the Department’s website. The Department’s website can also provide clarity about options available. The “Bookings Page” in Bookings itself, conversely, is not the ideal method for communicating nuanced detail about all of the advising services a department may offer.

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