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Contact Tracing and Cleaning

Bookings is a great way to keep track of who has been where and with whom for Covid-19 Contact Tracing.  You can see who was in a room and with whom for any given timeslot.   You can also create automatic timeslots for cleaning between appointments.  

Search for Contacts and Interactions in Outlook
  1. First, set up your department to have all student appointments with faculty and staff created with Bookings in Outlook.
  2. Then have each staff or faculty member create a “service” for themselves with the “default location” of their physical office.

Because Bookings places all appointments on the Outlook calendars of staff and faculty, within Outlook an administrator with shared rights can search staff or faculty calendars for a specific student to see if they met with anyone recently.  The full name of the student is in the Bookings-created appointment.  You can also view a specific staff or faculty member’s Outlook calendar and search all the students who met with them during a given timeframe.  In this way, you’ll know whom to contact if a faculty or staff member was exposed, or whom to contact if a student was exposed. 

Track Contacts and Interactions in Shared Spaces

You can also set up Bookings to track spaces that are shared by multiple staff or faculty. The system then records who uses any space at any given time.  To set up spaces in this way:

Students are able to select the service from the Bookings page and get notifications to meet the staff or faculty member in the default location at the precise time, preventing overlap.                                                                      

You can also set up a shared space to be staff or faculty agnostic—that is, students pick a time but not the staff or faculty member by name. In this case, the particular kind of tutoring/mentoring is the same for each student appointment, but it can be conducted by multiple people in your department who offer that service.  To create these agnostic Bookings:

With these boxes unchecked, students see the service to select, but they cannot choose the service provider. 
While initially the service provider is anonymous, students find out later with system notifications who they will be seeing. The system records that the student is meeting with the particular staff or faculty member at a specific time in that location in Outlook.

Create Buffer Time to Stop and Clean

To create a window of time between appointments for cleaning a shared space, you can create “buffer time” that students cannot book between appointments—before and/or after.  On the service details page, for each service, add minutes before or after each appointment and that time will be spared for cleaning. 

 buffer time feature



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