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OneDrive/SharePoint Tips: Check How You Share Files!

While the migration from Box to OneDrive and SharePoint this year may be, at times, disruptive to your work day, we can look for the silver lining. Let's take this opportunity--this move from one cloud data storage tool to a different data storage tool--to review, plan, and re-imagine how we store institutional and departmental data.

  1. OneDrive or SharePoint? Think about WHERE you should store files and folders you share with others and what would happen to the files if you were to leave the University. Ask yourself: Are these files important to department or University work? If yes, then store them in SharePoint!
  2. Report on your sharing. From OneDrive, review how you shared your files in Box. Why? All of that sharing has moved, or will move, to OneDrive/SharePoint with your migration. Check out the linked WITS Tool Tip #4 (discussed below as well) to follow instructions for a detailed report on your sharing.
  3. When you are ready, start moving files. Review the Weinberg College IT Tool Tip #3, Move Files and Folders Between OneDrive and SharePoint, to understand the differences between moving and copying files, for example. The tip also outlines file limits for a single bulk move and more.
 Are you Sharing a Lot of Files from Your Personal OneDrive ("My Files")?

If your answer is "yes," we recommend that--after your migration to OneDrive--you begin to shift files and folders from your OneDrive to a departmental SharePoint site. You likely will have a SharePoint site automatically created for your department when department files are also migrated, but you may also want to request a second SharePoint site.

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Why Would a Department Want Two or More SharePoint Sites?

You may want two SharePoint sites so that one site can be for more sensitive data (with stricter sharing settings) and one site can be for commonly shared, less sensitive data (perhaps for students or general information for the public or for faculty).

SharePoint settings, such as whether anonymous sharing is allowed (sharing "public" links), are set at the site level and can only be modified by administrators in Northwestern IT.

Generate a Detailed List of All Your OneDrive Files and With Whom You Shared Them

Are you concerned about how you shared files in Box? Are you concerned about files you may have shared recently from your OneDrive?

Run a detailed report (spreadsheet format) in OneDrive that includes a list of ALL files you are currently sharing. The report includes file path of the content, the kind of file it is, the extent of permissions granted, user name and email of the person with whom you shared, and so on.

Review our Weinberg IT Tool Tip #4, Report on Your OneDrive and SharePoint Sharing, to find a step-by-step guide.

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