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Weinberg College IT and Northwestern IT Support Service Update

Change is an inherent characteristic of the information technology field. Not only do the hardware and software that we all use every day develop and upgrade, but how we use these resources is ever-evolving. The IT team at Weinberg College is always shifting to meet the changing needs of the College, with support operations often being at the forefront. In 2019 this history of flexibility continues, as Weinberg College IT and Northwestern IT support operations build support operations together.

Why make this change?

This move will combine College, departmental, and Northwestern IT support resources. This will provide for more overall services for faculty and staff, including additional hours of support, drop-in assistance, and a larger total pool of staff. The combined resources provide our support staff with valuable back-up, opportunities for collaboration, and a wider breath of impact.

Over the last few years there has been significant and growing overlap between the services that Northwestern IT and Weinberg College IT provide. Integrating our teams reduces duplication of efforts and increases the time support staff can spend on improvement projects. Additionally, this frees up other Weinberg College IT staff to focus on projects and services that contribute to strategic College priorities.

What’s not changing?

The specific staff involved in providing support will continue to provide support services. Our support technicians are deeply familiar with the daily support needs of Weinberg College. Their knowledge and experience will continue to inform support operations and they have been working with Northwestern IT for months to share what they know. Any embedded staff in the College will keep their current locations.

Our current support services will continue; helping you with new computer set-ups, trouble-shooting software issues, and providing the IT support you need to teach, research, advise, and manage the everyday workings of the College. Throughout the transition period, you can expect communication from us about additional services as they become available. Check out our progress at any point on the Project PageOverview and FAQ pages.

As our team takes on our newest transformation, please share your feedback and questions by emailing us. We look forward to building a strong and responsive support team with Northwestern IT support operations.

Support transition timeline

Northwestern IT Support Center phone support available to Weinberg College – February 2019

Transition begins to combine Weinberg College IT and Northwestern IT support resources – April 2019

Transition complete – August 2019


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