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Weinberg College IT News, Summer 2018

Director's note

 As summer comes to an end, we shift our focus from summer projects to preparing for fall quarter, and in particular to the return of class, the start of new faculty and staff, and other beginning of the year activities.

As was announced early this month, we have had a reduction in the number of staff within our team. While we do not anticipate any major impact on our support operations, we would very much appreciate your patience and assistance as we work to adjust to our new size. We remain committed to providing our community with service and support to help further the mission of the College.

I would also like to welcome a new member to our team: Deborah Libby joins us and will continue her work in support of the College’s website. She has taken the lead on the website redesign project in progress and we very much look forward to working with her on digital content strategies moving forward.

Michael Satut

open book next to a computer keyboard

Behind the Scenes at Weinberg College IT: More than Hard Drives and Support Requests

Technology is now woven into the everyday teaching, research and administrative tasks of the College. As a result, Weinberg College IT is often at the heart of these fundamental pursuits of our institution. Learn more about how our staff see their work in relation to the university.
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open laptop and typewriter back-to-back

Computer Hardware Updates and Changes to iBuyNU

Updated computer models are in iBuyNU. Weinberg College IT highlights models that fit the use and needs of the College community. Additionally, you can now make changes to the hard drive size, RAM, and processors directly in iBuyNU without needing a quote from the vendor.
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Weinberg College IT Dictionary

Every field has its own set of specialized terms and IT certainly has more than its fair share. We've picked some of our most often used jargon to translate for you.
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open laptop with a woman's hands typing and icons of images floating above

Five Reasons to Use Northwestern Email (Outlook)

Alex Ruiz, Systems Administrator and Security Specialist, lays out five important reasons why you should use Northwestern Email (Outlook).

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image of young woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer

Staff Spotlight

Learn more about Agata Nartowska, Technical Support Specialist. Read how she got her start with Weinberg College IT as a student employee.

Weinberg College IT By the Numbers

How many support requests does Weinberg College IT receive every month? How many languages do our staff speak? Get to know us through our numbers.
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