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Make the Most of SmartSheet

Did you know that Weinberg College has 62 academic departments and programs and that there are many centers either housed in the College or closely affiliated with it? This might mean that 100 administrators are working in parallel on some of the same daily business processes.

Which Business Processes Are We Maintaining?

In the Winter 2021 WITS newsletter, we asked about tools administrators use. We also conducted seven Zoom interviews to learn more about the processes we all manage. The outreach continues this summer beginning with the "Show Us Your Sheet" event spotlighted in the purple sidebar on this page. Let's work together to craft some guidance around best practices as well as options for low-cost or free tools available to Northwestern staff and faculty.

Whether you use SmartSheet or not—or whether you like SmartSheet or not—please respond to our "Show Us Your Sheet" survey so that the Zoom event occurs when you can attend. Learn about what your colleagues are doing, share struggles, support each other's plans for improvement, and brainstorm ideas. We know that College administrators have taken on more work the past year and are involved in wide-ranging processes.

Check out this glimpse of which offices already use SmartSheet for a particular process:
Building capacity (Anthropology, Sociology) Cluster and grad student tracking (Critical Theory)
Award nominations (Staff Advisory Board) Conference funding requests (Critical Theory)
Events, curriculum, and deadline calendar (Political Science) TA time tracking (Political Science)
Program applications (Chicago Field Studies (CFS), Integrated Science Program (ISP), Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (MMSS)) Short-term and research appointment submission, approval, and tracking (Office of the Dean)
 Computer inventory (Linguistics, Philosophy) Financial approval and reconciliation (Linguistics)
 Student research grant applications (Sociology) Student internship planning (Chicago Field Studies (CFS))
Grad student submission for web site content (Anthropology) Onsite check-in form (Office of the Dean)
Software issue trackers (Weinberg IT Solutions) Student summer award tracking (Political Science)
Should we create templates for any of the above processes?

Come to "Show Us Your Sheet" this summer OR respond to the survey to let us know which templates would be the most helpful.

SmartSheet is Versatile and Easy to Use, But Let's Think Outside the Sheet!

SmartSheet is easy to use, versatile, and widely adopted throughout the University; it offers webformsautomated notifications and approvalscell linkingreporting, outputs of sheet data to PDF, and more. We also know the cost of even one license in this climate of tight budgets can be reason enough to look for another tool. Do you wish to improve your group's business processes? Let us know. You may also reach out to the Weinberg IT Solutions (WITS) team via

SmartSheet Licenses, Support, and Learning Center

If you don't already have a license that allows you to create your own SmartSheets, review Northwestern's SmartSheet Tool page for information.

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