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A Brave New and Secure World for Return to Campus

Computer technology, lucky for us, is always advancing. Imagine if we were all still running Intel Pentium processors on our work computers: we would have time to run out for coffee while waiting for our machines to boot! The good news is that Dell, Lenovo, and Apple—our standard and supported computers—are configured with the latest technology.

Crowdstrike Falcon: New Antivirus and Antimalware Software

Northwestern IT is happy to announce the launch of a new endpoint threat protection software called Crowdstrike Falcon. The Falcon software will replace Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) as the primary antivirus and anti-malware solution. Symantec has been used on our managed computers and was made available for unmanaged, student computers for several years. We are actively deploying the Crowdstrike Falcon agent to all University owned and managed computers. Once the agent deployment is complete, we will initiate the removal of the Symantec Endpoint Protection software.

Please review Northwestern IT's endpoint security guidance for home use, or unmanaged, computers going forward. The goal is to complete the project by mid-summer. More detailed information will be sent out as the project progresses.

Full or Partial Return to Campus

The following table provides computer and peripheral equipment considerations as preparation for your planned return to campus.

If you require further computer or peripherals assistance, please send an email to with the subject, "Request for return to campus equipment assistance." You will then be contacted by Northwestern IT.

Devices and Loaned Equipment

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On-campus desktop:

  • Plan to perform a few hours of system updates before use (if the computer has been turned off).
  • Use Northwestern's Microsoft OneDrive to transfer or permanently store your work files that may reside on a personal or loaned computer.

University-issued laptop:

  • Do you have power for your device?
  • Do you need a docking station?
  • Can your laptop connect to an existing monitor?

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Make sure you can authenticate on-campus via DUO.

Change your secondary verification device back to your desk phone (if preferred).


eduroam icon

Update your on-campus wireless network connection to eduroam. First-time connection will require you to input your  <netid> as the username and your current NetID password. After connecting the first time, you should automatically connect going forward.

New device or trouble connecting? Follow connection instructions.

Data Security

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Continue connecting to campus resources with Global Protect VPN when off campus.

Follow proper file storage and sharing solutions.


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Departments may continue using Zoom or Microsoft Teams for meetings. Make sure your workstation is set up properly (web cam, headphones, etc.).
Call Forwarding

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Redirect forwarded calls back to your desk phone, if desired. Update/manage your voicemail settings or set up the Cisco Jabber softphone on your computer.

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Check that your on-campus printers are turned on and that you are still able to connect to the printer and send a print job.

The costs of a data breach

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