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Staff Favorite Travel Hacks and Gadgets

The staff at Weinberg College IT are fans of all kinds of travel, from quick weekend jaunts to long, multi-city journeys. We have collected some of our favorite travel gadgets and tips here.


“In addition to any power converters you may need at your destination, pack a power strip to create a ‘charging station’. Bonus points if it has USB ports built-in!" - George

“I usually use my phone as my camera when traveling, so I’m always in danger of draining the battery quickly when I’m sightseeing. I like having a portable charger for my phone to make sure I always have my camera when I need it.” - Rachel

“I keep a “Travel Checklist Template” in Evernote. Before each trip I create a copy of it and check each item off as I pack or decide I don’t need it. This way I almost never forget anything and when I do I just add it to my template for next time.” - Adam

Save Some $$$

“If your mobile plan doesn’t include foreign mobile data at no extra cost, consider getting a local SIM card. These are generally quite cheap. You may have to get your mobile provider to unlock your phone beforehand. Downside: can’t receive calls or text to your US number while using local SIM.” - Dan

“Turn off data or data roaming on your cell phone.” - Mike

“If paying for internet services while abroad, contact Weinberg College IT to throttle down network usage for CrashPlan backups.” - Alex

Don’t Forget!
“Bring as few devices as possible on vacation. We all need to disconnect from the internet from time to time.” - Nate Back to top