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A New Laptop Replacement Program

Starting in September 2021 (FY22), the computer replacement program is now, instead, a laptop replacement program. This change is designed to ensure flexibility for staff and faculty; the new program also supports remote and flexible work (as permitted) and minimizes the need for more than one computer to be issued per person. Exceptions—based on defined teaching, research, or business needs—will be evaluated on case-by-case basis. 

To help support this change and remote work in general, we are also making available an extension to this program to provide an additional monitor, keyboard, mouse, web camera and USB-C hub. 

Additionally, we have laptop standards available for rapid deployment, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Dell Latitude laptops. Each comes with our standard hardware recommendations, which include a 512GB SSD disk drive and 16GB of memory. These laptops are available to those eligible for computer replacement via our standard request form. Computers issued from the standard pool do NOT require a separate purchase/reimbursement request, streamlining the process for departments.

View additional details on the policy and program eligibility.

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