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Zoom Webinars: How and Why to Use Them

Every meeting, event, conference, quick chat, team lunch, and coffee break seems to be online these days. We have come to rely on Zoom videoconferencing for nearly all of these occasions. Now is the time to ask yourself the following:

Why Zoom Webinars?

If you have attended large Northwestern events, it is likely you attended a Zoom webinar. You may have first registered for the webinar by entering your name and email address. This is a protection often used so that the moderator can control who receives the meeting link and then can view who is planning to attend--and even remove someone's option to attend.

Choose a Zoom webinar and not a regular Zoom meeting for the following reasons:
Plan Your Zoom Webinar

Once your webinar license is applied to your Zoom account, you can only access the webinar settings via the online Northwestern login to Zoom and not via the Zoom client on your personal computer.

Your setup option categories include Invitations, Email Settings, Branding, Polls/Surveys, and Q&A. Decide whether you want registrations automatically approved or whether you wish to accept and reject each one. Also consider colors, background and general branding--and be sure to set up your co-hosts and panelists in advance.

We recommend, in the webinar setup, to allow for a practice session of the webinar. This is especially important if you are presenting to a large group and must coordinate webinar tasks across a panel or group of co-hosts.

As with regular Zoom meetings, you must create polls or surveys built into the webinar in advance of the live event. Finally, a key setup option is handling questions and comments during the webinar:

image of Q&A setup options for webinar

During Your Zoom Webinar

image of options during zoom webinar

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