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Zoom Carts for Hybrid Instruction

Zooming into the Hybrid Present and Future

Hybrid instruction, where some students are present in a classroom and others participate remotely, increasingly looms large, presenting even more challenges. Classroom access and effective bridging of local and remote participants will be among the most critical and challenging questions. For example:

To add additional flexibility in support of hybrid scenarios, the College has invested in a number of Zoom-enabled, all-in-one videoconferencing carts that can be added to teaching spaces. 

These carts can function as a self-sufficient Zoom experience, and boast a camera and microphone that can capture all the participants in a classroom. The cart can function alone or be supplemental to other Zoom usage in a room by students and faculty with laptops, tablets, or smartphones. 

photo of person testing zoom room and cart
WITS Director Mike Satut tests a Zoom Room and Zoom Cart with Northwestern colleagues.
Zoom Carts feature the following:

A select number of these devices are in use across the College this fall.  To request a Zoom Cart, fill out the SmartSheet form hosted by Weinberg IT Solutions (WITS).

We Need Your Feedback about Zoom Carts

If you have used a Zoom Cart—or have reviewed the specifications of the Zoom Carts—please send feedback to the Weinberg College IT Solutions leadership team via We rely on your feedback.

We would like to know what worked and what didn't work in the request process, in the functionality of the software, in the hardware supplied, with the support, or with anything else.

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