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MATLAB and Simulink: Unlimited Use for Northwestern

We have some very exciting MATLAB news for Northwestern!  

Beginning October 1, 2020, MATLAB was available to the entire Northwestern community. As of that date, all previous licenses for MATLAB ceased to function. 

Northwestern University signed an agreement with MathWorks that provides all students, instructors, and researchers with access to MATLAB, Simulink, and additional products on and off campus, on any device. Everyone has access to MathWorks learning resources, including self-paced, online training, to quickly develop their MATLAB and Simulink skills. Northwestern University joins more than 1500 universities worldwide already using the Campus-Wide License.  

What does this mean for Weinberg Faculty, Researchers, and Students? 
How do I sign up for the new MATLAB license? 

The process to sign up and then download MATLAB is fairly simple. You just need to go to the Northwestern University MATLAB portal. Current and new users can access MATLAB using their Northwestern emailIf you’re an active user of MATLAB, you can sign up now to obtain the University site license. 

The University site license model provides the following benefits:  
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