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Meet Weinberg College Information Technology Solutions


With the transition of operational support to Northwestern IT, our three areas of focus are to facilitate research, enhance teaching and learning, and to improve administration and process. With all this transition comes a name change – we are now Weinberg College Information Technology Solutions (WITS).  

The addition of solutions to our name reflects how we see our work in Weinberg College – that of facilitator and problem-solver. Our staff see their work as support and assistance to the educational and research mission of Northwestern. Just as faculty and staff across the College strive to create new knowledge and develop it for new generations, we build new applications, improve vital systems, and share knowledge.

What are we up to?

Here are some of our recent and ongoing projects:

Media and Design Studio​ now joined with Weinberg College IT Solutions  

As the main part of its organizational change, the Media and Design Studio has shed a legacy classification of academic program to become a new administrative unit, fully connected to WITS. This new classification and relationship reflects the technical nature of the work that MADS does and follows decades of collegial partnership between our organizations. 

Although the organizational structure will change, MADS retains its focus and attention to language instruction and support of the digital humanities. Many of its services to Weinberg’s faculty and students in these disciplines remain the same:

In addition to direction from WITS and the College, MADS will receive crucial guidance from a newly-formed advisory council that includes key faculty partners from language instruction programs and initiatives, the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities, and the Northwestern University Libraries.

Where do I go for help?

Northwestern IT
Service & Support

Weinberg College IT Solutions

Media and Design Studio
(MADS or MAD Studio)

Laptop, Desktop, software or printing support

Analysis, consulting, and communications for business process and systems

Reserve computer classrooms, voice over recording, editing suites, and an activity space*

Help with email, NetID, or enterprise systems (Financials, MyHR, SES/Caesar, etc.)

Building web-based software solutions and data integration connections with vendor solutions

Equipment checkout – iPads, audio/video production, instructional equipment*

Classroom Support AV and Technology Support (7-Room)

Help discover, create, and integrate technology solutions and platforms

Course enhancements including web development, curricular design advice, and custom app development.*



Call: 1-Help, option 2



*MADS services are prioritized for Division III faculty, students, and staff use, but also available as resources allow for the broader College community

Learn more about the staff of WITS and MADS




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