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WITS News, Fall 2019

Director's note 

Welcome back! My team and I are excited to start this new year with you and to announce our new name and focus. Instead of Weinberg IT, we are now Weinberg College IT Solutions (or WITS for short). The WITS mission is to provide broad-based, high-impact solutions to the College that facilitate research, enhance teaching and learning, and improve administration and process. Learn more about this change.

We are very excited that the Media and Design Studio (“MADS”), a leader in the technological and pedagogical support of languages and the humanities, has joined us as a new operational extension. We look forward to continuing our work together, guided by input from a newly formed faculty advisory committee.

Lastly, our project to integrate Weinberg College IT support operations with Northwestern IT is now complete. If you didn’t notice much change, then we have met our goal. What you should notice are some new faces and improvements in support. For example, when ordering a new Dell computer, it will now arrive imaged and ready to go with minimal need for additional setup, significantly shortening the deployment process.

With all this change, you may have questions about where to go for various services. We’ve compiled a chart to help guide you but if ever you ever need help, please feel free to contact me or any member of my team. You can also send us an email at

Michael Satut

two puzzle pieces coming together

IT Solutions

Weinberg College IT Solutions has been transforming over the last year and a half. With new faces, different organizational structure, and re-focused priorities, we’re looking at our projects in the College with fresh purpose.

IT Solutions
open laptop with post-it notes covering the screen

Digital Notetaking

Are you someone who carries a notebook into meetings, even if you also bring a laptop? We decided to investigate some potential solutions to bridging the handwritten note to digital document divide.

Digital Note-taking
open laptop on a desk

Purchasing - prodeployment

The NUIT Endpoint Device Management team has introduced Dell Prodeploy to the line of standard Dell computer models. Learn more about how ordering a Prodeploy computer can shorten the transition time with a new computer.
Dell Prodeploy
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Email Marketing (iModules) Performance Goals

Many staff update websites and email students and alumni, but reflecting these duties when performance excellence season comes around can be hard.  We've created three template Performance Excellence goals for you.
iModules Performance Excellence Goals
blue lock surrounded by concentric circles

2018-2019: The Year of the Phish

Alex Ruiz analyzed this past year’s security support request activity to find trends for the College. How many phishing tickets do you think there were this past academic year?
Year of the Phish
event photo with people seated around tables

Show Us Your Sheet! - Smartsheet Event

Six Weinberg College staff shared their insights on how they solve administrative challenges with the project management software Smartsheet.
Smartsheet event
open laptop with graphic design software

Staff Favorite

Need an intuitive and easy-to-use program to make flyers, posters, and infographics? Try Piktochart as an alternative or addition to Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator.
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