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Introducing the Dell ProDeploy Service

The NUIT Endpoint Device Management (EDM) team, combining the strengths of Weinberg College end user support and NUIT, is continually striving to improve the IT support services.  In pursuit of that goal we have  introduced Dell ProDeploy to our line of standard Dell computer models. 

ProDeploy is a Dell service that allows us to apply our managed operating system image and asset tracking capability before the computer is shipped from the manufacturer.   We are excited to introduce this new service because we believe it will reduce the amount of time it takes to deliver new computers and improve the customer experience over the life of the device.  

Today when a Dell computer is purchased it is shipped to you within two to three weeks.  The EDM team is then required to pick-up the new computer from your location in order to apply the Northwestern-managed image, which can take several days. Finally, we need to meet with the computer owner to complete the setup and ensure a successful login. The overall transaction currently takes three to four weeks. The ProDeploy service will remove the need for EDM team to pick up the new computer for imaging. Instead the EDM team will only need to complete the computer setup while onsite with you. Any data transfer from old to new computer will also happen at this point.

In addition to saving time when the computer arrives on campus, ordering one of our standard ProDeploy models is expected to reduce shipping time due to economy of scale with Dell.

Computer Deployment Process Diagram

Current Workflow


ProDeploy Workflow


How do I order a standard Dell ProDeploy model?

  1. Please continue to use the Computer Replacement Process as your guide to the purchasing process. (Check model recommendations here.)
  2. Step 2 of the Computer Replacement Process guide will direct you to iBuyNU where you can visit the Dell catalog (aka “punch-out”).  
  3. Once connected to the Dell catalog, click on Standard Configurations and select “Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences” from the Tier 2 drop-down menu.

All options listed under the Weinberg College menu include the ProDeploy service.  (Please note that ProDeploy only applies to our standard Dell models.  Apple and Lenovo are subject to traditional deployment times.)

New asset tags will also be included with all of our standard Dell ProDeploy computers.  The asset tag will be affixed to the computer in a location that’s visible to the device owner.  This is to help make the information easy to locate when needed.  Here’s a sample showing what the asset tag will look like and the information it will contain:

 asset tag example with sample numbers

If you are keeping an inventory of the computers in your department, feel free to use the information on this service tag.

Please contact Endpoint Device Management if you have any questions about this process. We're excited to bring this option to Weinberg College to improve the new computer deployment process and appreciate your feedback.



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