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Create a Faculty, Lab, or Project Website

Having a great website can be a powerful way to showcase your work and engage with different communities. Northwestern provides faculty, staff, and students with NUsites, a free platform for building websites. Use of NUsites is fully supported through a collaboration of Weinberg College IT, Northwestern Library, and Northwestern IT.

NUsites is perfect for:

Rich Editing and Customizable Templates

Powered by Wordpress, NUsites gives all users access to rich editing and customizable templates to create modern and professional looking websites. NUsites also provides a deep library of plugins to extend the functionality of your website beyond static pictures and text.

NUsites is a self-service platform where you can create your site, add additional editors, and publish content all without needing to contact IT or install any special tools.

In addition, you can create custom domain names, tell everyone to visit you at <your name>.<your department> or <your project> To request a custom domain name please email

Secure and Optimized

Visitors will always be able to visit your site thanks to a pairing with Cloudflare, which provides content distribution and security for websites. Additionally, NUsites optimizes searching and helps your website rise to the top of Google’s rankings.

Getting Started and Support

To create your site and get started visit

For more information please visit NUsites or consult the knowledge base for help with the most frequent tasks.

For support with NUsites, please contact

Weinberg College Examples

See NUsites in action with the following sites. In these examples, NUsites has been used to create customized sites for the Poetry & Poetics Colloquium series, Roads to Business at Northwestern, and faculty and lab sites.

Poetry & Poetics Colloquium Series

Roads to Business at Northwestern

Faculty Website

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