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Weinberg College IT News, Fall 2018

Director's note

 I hope that your fall quarter has been off to a great start and that technology has been helpful in your day to day work (if it hasn’t, or has been a barrier – please do let me know!). Our newsletter this quarter is focused on highlighting services that can help people get their work done better and faster. For those wanting to simplify their video and telephone conferencing, our team has created additional resources for using Webex. We’ve also created templates and sample workflows for incorporating a computer inventory into your department, program, or lab’s practices. Hear from faculty members about how using collaborative grading software has improved how they and their graduate instructors engage with their students and the process of grading. All the services featured here are available without charge to Weinberg College faculty, staff, and students. As always, I very much welcome your feedback and thank you for your time.

Michael Satut

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Improve Feedback to Students and Decrease Time Spent Grading

Faculty in Weinberg College have been tackling the logistical and administrative challenges of grading with online collaborative grading software. Hear how faculty in the Department of Economics and Mathematics have integrated this software into their courses.
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Find Balance with a Computer Inventory

Administrators in Weinberg College balance competing demands and shifting best practices. Tracking your computer inventory will help with managing your computers over their four-year life cycle and ensuring a smooth reimbursement process. Read on for sample templates, workflows, and how to create asset tags.
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Simplify Your Video Conferencing and International Calls

Northwestern offers several video conferencing options. We want to highlight one of these tools, Webex, as a good choice for video conferences, virtual office hours, international conference calls, and more.
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Create a Faculty, Lab, or Project Website

Having a great website can be a powerful way to showcase your work and engage with different communities. Northwestern provides faculty, staff, and students with NUSites, a free platform for building websites.
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Safer Online Shopping - Holiday Edition

Many of us will hop online over the next few months to purchase gifts, plane tickets, admission to shows and games, and food in preparation for the holidays. See how you can protect your financial and personal information as you celebrate over the next few months.
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Staff Spotlight

Get to know Systems Administrator Carlos Hurtado and the connections he makes between poetry and IT.
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