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Subcontracts: Pre-Award

Does your proposal include a subaward?

If so, you will need to include the following in the InfoEd record:

  • Statement of work
  • Budget
  • Budget justification
  • Letter of intent (LOI) endorsed by organizational official

These documents should be compiled into a single pdf document and uploaded in the internal documents tab in InfoEd. Because the subcontract materials must be incorporated into the overall proposal submitted by Northwestern University, it is advisable to require that the subk materials be recieved a week or more in advance of the published sponsor deadline.

A Subrecipient Commitment Form may be used in place of an LOI if the sponsor is a federal agency.

If subrecipient organization is a member of the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP):

If subrecipient organization  is not in FDP:

Is your subaward recipient a member of the FDP? Check here.

Additional guidance
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