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Step-by-Step Overview

Principal Investigators (PIs) and Research Administrators (RAs) will use the following process when developing a proposal.

Step 1: Notify your Research Administrator

Once you decide to apply for external funding, notify your Weinberg Research Administrator (RA). Work with that RA to develop a schedule that will allow time to meet the internal and sponsor deadlines.

Internal deadlines:

Access the complete proposal review and submission process on OSR’s website.

Step 2: Read the Solicitation

PIs and RAs should carefully read the solicitation or funding announcement. There are many different kinds of sponsors and funding programs with their own sets of proposal requirements. It is extremely important to be aware of your particular proposal guidelines and communicate with your RA any issues early on in the proposal process.

OSR has a variety of online learning courses geared for research administrators and other staff involved in research administration.

A Beginner's Guide to Sponsored Project Solicitations

Step 3: Plan the Project

Considerations during the planning stage:

Special circumstances:

Step 4: Create the Proposal Package

Step 5:  Administrative Approvals

Step 6: Finalize Proposal Documents

Once documents are complete, the proposal in InfoEd should checked and validated.

At this stage the PI, RA, and OSR Grants Officer will work together to ensure that the proposal follows the guidelines set forth in the solicitation and adheres to Northwestern policies.

Step 7: Submit Proposal

Once reviewed, OSR will submit the proposal to the sponsor. 

Certain foundation proposals will require you to work with your OSR Grants Officer to determine how the proposal will be submitted.

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