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Northwestern University

Summer Salary

Updated 7-9-15

University Policy

The University policy governing faculty summer salary was updated in April 2009:

Summer Salary Policy Statement for 9 Month Appointments

The University policy leaves some details to the Deans of the individual schools. This webpage addresses the specific application of this policy to faculty in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.

Weinberg College Policy

Faculty summer salary may be paid for up to 3 summer months. In order to ensure compliance with federal and University effort reporting requirements, a maximum of 2.5 months of summer salary support can be drawn from sponsored research accounts.

The remaining 0.5 summer month may be paid from any of the following sources:

This 0.5 summer month may be used for research, teaching, and administrative work. A paid 0.5 summer month may not be used for vacation time.

Released funds may be used for summer salary in excess of the 0.5 month if the following conditions are satisfied by the department administration:

Faculty startup or retention funds may not be used for faculty summer salary support unless they were so designated by the Dean of the College.

Summer salary can be drawn from non-sponsored funds only if the faculty member remains employed by Northwestern full-time during the following year.

Faculty with salaries in excess of the NIH salary cap who have committed effort on an NIH grant and who charge summer salary from an NIH sponsored project in the summer months must identify a source of non-sponsored funds to cover the “cap gap”. Back to top