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Conflict of Interest

Faculty Conflict of Interest—Annual Disclosure

Disclosures are completed annually in the eDisclosure system during the spring quarter.  All benefits-eligible faculty must disclose to the unit in which their primary appointment is housed.

Researchers will need to maintain a current research disclosure and complete an annual disclosure; however, the responses to the 6 research questions in the annual disclosure will be prepopulated if they have already been entered by the Investigator during the research disclosure process.  The researcher will be able to add and remove responses as applicable.  Any new information entered in response to the research questions during the annual disclosure process will feed back into the research disclosure.  The annual disclosure has additional questions not included in the research disclosure, which is why the annual disclosure process is separate.

Weinberg Annual Disclosure questions: Beth Clifford-Smith

Faculty Conflict of Interest—Research Disclosure

Investigators need to complete training once every 4 years and disclose Significant Financial Interests in the eDisclosure system within 30 days after they occur.  

Weinberg Research Disclosure questions: Kelly Mayo, Reid Wellensiek

Staff Conflict of Interest—Annual Disclosure

Annual disclosures are completed annually in the eDisclosure system during the spring quarter.  All benefits eligible staff must disclose based on the unit in which their primary appointment is housed. 

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