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Grants Account Tree

OSR will open a standard set of budgetary accounts in NUFinancials at the time of the initial appropriation process for Research Terms and Conditions (RTC) awards (including NIH Modular grants). If additional accounts need to be opened, departments should send a comprehensive list of the accounts to their OSR Grant Officer. For non-RTC awards, the account codes will be opened as detailed in the proposed budget. 

It is important to review the Project Account Summary (GM033) at award set-up to ensure that the correct account codes have been opened.

The NUFinancials Grants Account Tree, includes account codes that may be allowed on a sponsored project. The account codes are grouped into categories, or roll up account codes. When a roll up account code is opened, all the account codes included in that category are automatically opened. For example:

When the Grants Category Budget account (roll up) is open,
60010 - Academic Personnel

Expenses can be charged to either:
60011 - Faculty Salaries, Regular
60020 - Faculty Summer Salary
60030 - Research Professional Salary
60040 - Academic Occasional Salaries
60050 - Academic Professionals
60076 - TGS Research Assistants

Note: The account code 60010 cannot be used to charge expenses; it is a budget account only.

Financial Operations provides a searchable Guide to Accounts on their website. The user can search by account number, roll up category, or keyword.

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