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Faculty Leave of Absence

1. Basic Information

Year-long academic leave begins on 9/1

Year-long academic leave ends on 8/31

When identifying proposed start and end dates, please indicate the maximum leave desired, assuming receipt of any external awards. If needed, leave dates will be adjusted following the notification of awards received. Leave start and end dates follow the fiscal calendar. The official start and end dates for each quarter are as follows:

Fall: September 1 – December 31
Winter: January 1 – March 31
Spring: April 1 – June 30

If your leave is for the entire academic year, the end date is August 31.

Please note that the number of enrolled students and the amount of essential work done by faculty committees are both significantly larger in fall and winter quarters than in spring quarter. A one-quarter research leave with Northwestern salary should be taken in spring quarter unless special arrangements to meet teaching and service obligations are worked out with and recommended by department chair or program director.

2. Internal Support

What level of financial support do you expect from Northwestern (once again assuming receipt of external awards, if applying)?

Please note the following regarding the salary and benefits offset for departments with a teaching load of 3 or more courses:

  • Two quarter leave at full pay: award should offset 0.22 – 0.33 of the annual salary rate + benefits.
  • Three quarter leave at full pay: award should offset 0.34 – 0.67 of the annual salary rate + benefits.

For the full policy, including the level of support required for leaves in departments with fewer than three courses, please refer to Weinberg's Leave of Absence Policy.

Does the leave you're requesting include the standard one-quarter research leave in the fourth year of your four-year cycle (tenure-line) or in the eighth year of your eight-year cycle (teaching-track) with salary from Northwestern?

3. Research Project

4. External Support

Are you applying for external support?

Before your leave of absence request will be approved and finalized, you will be required to provide the Faculty Affairs Office with proof of external support from all funding sources which are related to your request.

If you are applying for external support, what are the sources and amounts of requested support, and by what approximate date will word about any outside funding be forthcoming?

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

* Sponsored funds have a specific statement of work and/or deliverables, reporting requirements and a performance period. These grants must be routed through the Office for Sponsored Research. University offices available to assist you with sponsored research include Weinberg Research Administration, the Office for Sponsored Research (OSR) and Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Projects (ASRSP). Read the full criteria regarding sponsored funds.

If you do not receive funding as described above, will this change your leave request?

5. Most Recent Leave

Year-long academic leave begins on 9/1

Year-long academic leave ends on 8/31

6. Most Recent Research Leave

Year-long academic leave begins on 9/1

Year-long academic leave ends on 8/31

Limit on Leave Time: Regardless of the source of salary funds, a faculty member may not be on research leave more than two years in any six-year period.

7. Teaching Responsibilities

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