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Message from Dean Randolph to Students - March 25, 2020

Below is a summary of the message:

I wanted to reach out say I hope you are well and taking care of yourself in these extraordinary times. It’s been a challenge but I’m so grateful for all the notes that encourage us guide the College through this time.

As Spring Quarter approaches, we are preparing to support remote learning across the College. This will present difficulties, but I am so impressed by the work of our colleagues in IT, and also our instructors and staff who have taken every opportunity to learn the digital tools and best practices to prepare for taking our curriculum to remote instruction. I have been struck by the creativity of solutions so far and I am committed to continued innovation once the quarter starts. We will all need to be collaborative and patient as we engage with this challenge.

I hope you and your family and friends stay safe in these difficult times. In these times, more than ever, I recognize the importance of the academic values that draw us together as a community: the ability to observe and analyze information, and the ability to communicate it swiftly, clearly, and persuasively. And, we of course have a deep belief in expertise, and in these days we all need to heed experts in seeking to find a way to best address this pandemic.

I’ll just end by saying that I dearly hope that you, your families, and indeed all your loved ones remain safe in these unsettling times. I will remain in touch, and look forward to seeing you all very soon.

For more information, visit the Northwestern University Coronavirus/COVID-19 website.

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