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Coronavirus - Winter Term Finals

This email communication below was sent to Weinberg College faculty on March 13, 2020.

Dear Colleagues,

As you know from earlier messages, we are in very particular times. We do not wish to over-react to the present crisis, but we also do not wish to be imprudent when so many students and their families are concerned about health issues. These concerns are leading to many students leaving campus earlier than anticipated.

The University will shortly announce or will have done so already that:

• Gatherings over 50 people are prohibited and there must be at least six feet between all participants in other gatherings.

• Students are not required to attend in-person examinations.

For these reasons, I am instructing you to find ways for students to take Winter Quarter final examinations virtually, using some form of digital submission (Canvas, Crowdmark, email, etc.) instead of your in-class scheduled exam. (We do understand and commend that some of you have developed ways to offer synchronous in-person and online examinations).

If you cannot develop a remote option, I request that you cancel your final examination and grade your students based on work completed to date.

If there are extraordinary reasons why you feel you can neither offer a remote option nor cancel your in-person exam, please contact Mary Finn ([] cc’ing your chair or director.

If a student does not take your final, then please do not give them a final grade, including “I” or “X.” By not assigning any grade in CAESAR, “NR” will automatically appear on the student’s record. Please then follow up with this student with a plan for how to complete the class. If the student still has an “NR” by April 10, it will convert to “I” for Incomplete, and existing Incomplete policies will obtain.

In these difficult times, we wish to ensure the academic integrity of our curriculum while seeking to support our students’ well-being. We appreciate your help in this endeavor.

Thank you,

Adrian Randolph
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

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